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Machining in madrid


Currently the COMPANY counts with the latest cutting-edge technology and control means for the MACHINING

A lathing section and lathing centres handle capacities that range from a turning of 1200 mm to 3000mm between centres.
Worthy of special mention is our capacity for high-level production on chuck parts using our two-head Muratec lathes with automatic loading and unloading, which allow us to compete in longer series.

As an alternative to our lathing centres, we have three C-axis lathes that produce fully finished parts in one or two positions with increased quality, a better internal flow and omproved response times for our clients.

Finally and with a view to obtaining a technological jump in quality, the company has purchased two 9-axis lathing centres with a turn of up to 850mm and a distance between centres of up to 1,530mm, which will undoubtedly enable us to offer greater quality and better service.

Our machining section has 11 machining centres with sweeps from 3,000 x 1,500 x 1,500 to vertical centres with 500 x 500 x 500. this range allows us to adapt the size of the machine and series to the client's needs using the most appropiate means in terms  of quality and cost in each case.

Besides this section, the machining section  also has a number of complementary machines that allow us to consolidate the product and carry out centreless grinding processes , between-centre grinding, static balancing, broaching, roll-threading, cutting, etc.

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